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MB Masonic Regalia

MB Masonic Regalia was founded by Merces Barradas, also known as Michelle. Her lifelong passion for the Fashion Industry led her to obtain an International Fashion Designing Diploma, which ignited her love for manufacturing regalia.

Michelle's introduction to Freemasonry came through her husband Fernando Barradas, a well-established Freemason of 27 years and an Active District Grand Lodge Office.

At MB Masonic Regalia, we locally manufacture a wide range of regalia suitable for all Constitutions. Our offerings include accessories, aprons, and sashes. We provide options such as Lambskin, Evergrain Leather (artificial leather), and special hand-embroidered pieces. To ensure quality and timely availability, our team consists of four enthusiastic seamstresses, allowing us to maintain a stock of frequently required regalia. We take pride in catering to both local and international customers.

Michelle's active involvement as a Freemason herself has provided her with extensive knowledge of Masonic regalia and artifacts.

Current Best Sellers

The Best Regalia for Your Masonry Achievements 

Proudly manufactured and produced in South Africa.

"Masonry is the science of life in a society of men, by signs, symbols and ceremonies; having as its basis a system of morality and for its purpose the perfection and happiness of the individual and the race". 


- G.F. Moore

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